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3rd February 2007

12:54pm: check out my new picture
tobias beecher and chris keller gettin down.

31st January 2007

4:10pm: it's been too long.i no longer have the internet at home.
i am waiting to start work here at school, 5-10 tonight. i wonder what i will be doing in studio a today?
Anyways last night deerhoof performed the great american music hall and it was fantastic. i will leave it at that because words cannot describe.

other things:
1. the beatles
2. deerhoof
3. Broken Social Scene
4. the stooges
5. my bloody valentine
6. bad brains
7. minor threat
8. black flag
9. joy division
10. velvet underground
11. dystopia
12. his hero is gone
13. shank
14. infest
15. crossed out
16. charles bronson
17. ds-13
18. ampere
19. i hate myself
20. project x
21. gorilla biscuits
22. iron lung
23. lack of intrest
24. Nerve Agents
25. germs
(no particular order, in fact there is no way this list is absolute because my mind can only remember so much right now)

What was the first song you ever heard by 6? sailin on
What is your favorite album by 2? the runners four
What is your favorite lyric that 1 has sung? "motorcars, handlebars, bicycles for two...broken hearted you beleived."
How many times have you seen 11 live?never before, but when it happens is will be one of the greatest shows of my life(release the new lp and play a show you bastards!!!)
What is your favorite song by 7? little friend
What is a good memory you have involving 20? beating up drug addicts
Is there a song by 3 that makes you sad? i don't know the name but it's the one that goes "use to be one of t he rotten ones and i liked you for that"
What is your favorite lyric that 14 has sung? "don't fuck me i will fuck"
What is your favorite song by 19? lightning stirkes
How did you first get into 22? i heard about the hype and juan showed me thier lp life iron lung death.
What was the first song you heard by 21? big mouth
What is your favorite song by 4? shake appeal
How many time have you seen 10 live? never have never will
What is a good memory you have involving 13? finding the my fav split ep they have and buying it for 5 bucks.
Is there a song by 23 that makes you sad? ...only when they covered mindless mutant.
What is your favorite album of 15? I i only have the discography so i don't know.
What is your favorite lyric that 9 has sung? "i've been waiting for a guide to come and take me by the hand"
What is your favorite song by 8? jealous again
What is your favorite song by 16? the rosemaries baby soundclip one
How many times have you seen 5 live? 0
What is your favorite album by 12? monument to theives
What is a good memory you have involving 25? the entire first couple years juan and i were friends
What was the first song you heard by 18? not sure but it was off the demo
What is your favorite song by 17? society scandal
What is your favorite album by 24? s/t(days of the white owl is the worst one heidi you douche)
How many of your top 25 have you seen live? 5. thats kinda sad.

9th December 2006

put it on. sensor fell off. knew it was destiny.
walked out. size small army green windbreaker.
retal price: $99.99. you can't beat that.

BETTER NEWS! I've officially been hired as my
teachers assistant engineer at school!!!!!!
Best oppurtunity for getting my foot in the door
EVER!!! I'll be getting paid to learn information
outside the schools ciriculum, have access to the
schools facilities (BEST STUDIO IN THE BAY AREA!),
and my teacher/boss will help find a great job when
my time is up(over a year from now).

Xmas is comming up and today i bought my parents
hella shit and i have a fat list for all my friends.
2007 looks very very bright.

23rd November 2006

8:42pm: celebrating enslavement
today is my first vegan thanksgiving. heidi is making pie right now.
the blender is smoking...not a good start.
to all my friends i see all the time and all i see on rare ocasion, i miss ya'll and will celebrate our friendship by watching a shit lod of aqua teen today.

everyone should try to make it to see Dandruff play tomorrow at the metro in oakland. we're going to sma shit up.

have a crapy thanksgiving everyone.
Current Mood: pist cuz i hate oi polloi

30th October 2006

9:41pm: and my temper grows!!!!!
man this weekend was tyte.
friday heidi and i saw saw III which was hella cool.
i ate too much tofu from bens...
sat was the show at gilman which was fucking sweet.
for those who werent punk enough to make it i dressed up as hulk hogan in the 80's.
some other guy was the ultimate warrior. talk about tension.
all the bands were...fun. it was the most fun i've had at a show scince super sabado just cuz every set was way intense.

by the way i've decided next year for halloween i'm gonna be david lee roth the lead singer for van halen. that guy is retarted, dresses retarted, and the band is retarted... so i'm stoked about next year.hahaha.

last night was practice on turk st. with punch. it was so great. we have like four songs...maybe five i don't remember, but we wana record a demo and start playing shows hella soon.i think because freddie and daniel have such hge boners for keef i never have to worry about them not showing up for practice. and they are all enthusiastic...it's good to be playing punk rock in a band again.

i have a midterm in five hours.

p.s. i've decided minor threat is the ultimate punk band. i'm sure you could easliy argue that statement but for all of my friends who feel the same...hugs to you all.
Current Mood: exhausted

19th October 2006

6:34am: never know, never show, i'm not a book, you can't read me!

so today i saw the documentary on american hardcore...i'm sure a lot of people (mostly kids) might see the movie and get pist off cuz they are all about hardcore...or punk or whatever. The movie did a great job depicting(at least to my knowledge) the80/81 to 85 scene and ended the movie with a lot of those pold p rockers sayings hardcore is dead and to get over it and punk is dead and what not. THEY'RE RIGHT!

My point is that BRAND of 80's hardcore is dead and all the shitty bands trying to recreate it (especially the ones that are in there late teens/early 20's cuz they werent even around to experience it)or seeing tsol or di or whatever do a reunion show are wasting their time. Punk is about evolution and if your just gonna sit around and play 80's styled HC for the rest of your life please keep it in the garage.

I still love all the early 80's bands that got me into punk but i'm realizing now that that shit was just the door to a huge fucking world of newer faster bands that are more pist, heavier, and innovative. Punk music is one of the most amazing types of music in the world and is constantly evolving. There is no formula, it doesnt have to sound like it's from the 80's...and you don't have to dress like that either. When i first got into punk it was because i could completely relate to everything those early bands were all about, it was the only thing i saw or heard that had any kind of originality or honesty. I guess you could say it was pure to me...

I guess my point is that punk music should just be the gateway to a wonderful (and agonizing) world of different culture, music, lifestyles etc. Punk/Hardcore culture should not place restrictions on musical tastes, lifestly choices, political perspectives, or the way you live your life because, if that were the case you would not be an individual...you'd just be conforming to some bullshit tradition.
Current Mood: energetic

12th October 2006

6:05am: i'm not alright
today sucks balls.
75 percent of my life sucks to the max right now.
the other 25 percent totally kicks ass...
i still don't like it though.
everything is wierd.

29th August 2006

6:01pm: i love school
tonight i have my basic sound reinforcement class. i like it because i can learn how to do sound at huge colliseums and small clubs. jopefully one day at gilman or maybe ever a gilman like club of my own(and friends). last night i had ra-30 and my teacher is 1000 times cool er than he already was for the previous classes. he went on tour with mc5 and the stooges back in his day. and he and i are the only people in class that are proponents for analog recording. tomorrow night i have astronomy and class is held in a huge planitarium and our teacher is great. i was reluctant to take the class at first but it rules. thursday night i have a pro tools recording class and then a recording workshop. i get to record music in a nice studio with industry standard equipment. it's great. i also got steve and my new band studio time in november, so whatever songs we have down by then we'll get to record.

I'm in my sophmore year of college. next summer i'll probably be finishing up my aa at ccsf and then transfering to sfsu. i'll be out of this shit hole with no help from my parents. i can't wait.

28th August 2006

4:56pm: this craigslist bike sale i did is fucked.
well im pretty stressed
cuz i cashed that check(sent from the guy who bought my bike) and spent 85 on packing and shipping and then 80 on shoes and 65 on jeans
and then the bike shop and calls and says we cant get the seat out
and its gonna cost me and extra 30 for them to TRY to get it out(and i still have to pay if they fail)
and if they cant get it out the guy may not want it any more
and then i have to somehow get the money back for the shit i bought
and send it back to him
i wana kill myself.

13th August 2006

8:03pm: well hey now alright
everything is really cool.

29th July 2006

10:49pm: 10:49
i'm going to sleep.
tomorrow's gonna suck butt.

26th July 2006

9:46pm: it's about time!
today keef and lane jammed with me and freddie at the studio in oakland. needless to say i have a new band...and it has members who arent flakes(steve).and its fun and brutal. and i'm not trying to hype it up or jinx it so i'm done talking baout it.

BUT we need a sXe vocalist.

anyways i ate at golden lotus with freddie afterwards and they really do have the greatest friend drum sticks. i also got sweet and sour "chicken". freddie got orange"chicken" and it actually tasted like oranges. very refreshing.

jack off with out a boner...and punch people in the face at shows.
Current Mood: jubilant

24th July 2006

3:21pm: this is so wack
boring day. bored as fuck. i can't play drums or anything cuz it's too fucking hot.
my dad is home so i can't watch tv unless i want to be subjected to his annoyingness.
he keeps bothering me about paying for my classes today. i have the money but i can't go do it until it's time for me to go pick up heidi so i don't waste gas but she's m.i.a. WHAT THE FUCK IT'S 330 GOD DAMN IT I HATE EVERYTHING GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!!

Current Mood: pist

20th July 2006

9:04pm: yeahya
first i'd like to thank ayesha for my bday present.
i really didn't deserve it...i owe ya.
second, slayer was tight.only slayer.
all the other bands suck but atleast they were entertaining...
except for lamb of god who i hate with a passion.

stay punk.
stay fitted at a cage show.
stay hateful and live in sf.
i don't care.

tomorrow juan and myself are going to make musical love.
stephen and i played some hella 90's shit in my garage today.
it was tight.


18th July 2006

10:51pm: well hey.
past couple days have been real chill.
it's way too hot though.
tomorrow i am going to see slayer and mastadon...
(unforutantly children of bodem and lamb of god as well)
i am going to bash so many kids with korn
and disurbed shirts. it's gonna rule.
friday gilman show looks top notch, and it's my bday.
saturday everyone come to my house for a bbq party
at 4 o clock. it's gonna be blackmetal.
Current Mood: content

13th July 2006

9:39pm: well
i aced my final exam...

i'm just really really lonely.

5:14pm: i am so angry
my final exam is in one hour and 40 minutes. i had to work extra today. i had a crazy dream about giant cows and bulls. i'm listening to dystopia and feeling it more than ever.i'm screaming my head off.

.on a serious note today sucks.
Current Mood: angry

2nd July 2006

5:41pm: yeah...
so i just remembered i had this thing...whoops!
i was in the video store and the beatles we'er playing...and every single employee and everysingle customer was singing along. it was the greatest moment of my life.

18th June 2006

10:34pm: i love school.

3rd June 2006

11:41pm: take pounds of mescaline until you go crazy and kill everyone.
i worked a ten hour day today with two hours of a commute.
tomorrow is a 7 hour day...next friday i have to work a 12 hour day...it's really fucking sad when you thing about it cuz the next day will be another ten hour day and then another 7 the following day... lets not forget about the rest of the days i'll be working and going to school before friday arives...

thursday night i'll get to see inscect warefare if i can scrape the gas money...



fuck people with stds... wait not literally cuz then you'll get stds...
Current Mood: cynical

26th May 2006

11:33pm: i don't know how to do html cuts. everyone is at baycon.im bored....FUCK!
1. In one sentence, explain what ended your last relationship:
college partying(not on my part)

2. What made you smile today?
juan, steve, erin reagan, covering in a jar, the flamming lips comming out of heidis present.

3. What were you doing this morning at 8a.m.?
fucking sleeping.

4. What were you doing 15 minutes ago?
eating a cookie

5. Something that happened to you in 1985?
i wasn't even sperm

7. Last thing you said aloud?
west valley college

8. Last thing someone else said aloud?
"yeah!" -steve

9. Worst thing currently on television?
the news

10. What was in the mail today?
nothing for me

11. How many different beverages have you drank today?

12. What is your favorite part of the day?
lunch or dinner

13. Your current To-do list?
get money.
pick up alex.
drive to fairfield and get a 16 channel SUNN 0)))mixer board i found on craigslist for only 100 bucks.
drop off alex
get gas.
go to saratoga for heidis model thang.
enjoy the rest of the weekend.

14. Where is your best friend right now?
at home.

15. What color is your toothbrush?
yellow blue and white

16. What is out your back door?
...a back yard...

17. Any plans for Friday night?

18. Least favorite place to shop?
a mall

19. Last thing you bought?
cokies ingriedients

20. Last gift you received?
heidi's mix cd?

21. Funniest thing you heard all day?
steve say somthing...hella rude

22. Favorite mug?

23. Color of front door?

24. Beauty is:
midget sex

25. Describe your keychain:
a clip...drum key. bass case key. house key. car key. register key.

26. Where do you keep your change?
zipper pouch in my hello kitty wallet.

27. Say something to the number 1 person in your Top 8:
play a swans cover!!!

28. What kind of winter coat do you have?
homie poof coat...a hipster coat i just got on tuesday...and some windbreakers.

29. What was the weather like on your graduation day?
windy and almost raining.

30. Last flavored ice cream you ate?

31. Last rainbow you saw?

32. Something you are excited about?
all the stressful parts of tomorrow being over.

14th May 2006

8:11pm: i hate people that are into their own bands too much. at shows one band will be like "i'd like to give a shout out to so and so..." or "this band" and then you'll see kids in the auidience be like "WARKRIKE RULES!!!" or "SUBURBAN DEATH CAMP!!!" and then you realize that it's the members themselves and all you can think is no one fucking cares, you're band sucks, and stop playing a local show every fucking week because you're shit is so played out.

get a life. and if this offends yo when you read it you probably shouldn't be reading it anyways because i'm not your friend and you should mind your own buisness.
Current Mood: hateful
8:04pm: i am angry
my computer decided it would be cool to highlight the word the on every single web site i go to in baby blue. what the fuck is wrong with the internet?

p.s. you notice no one really uses this thing any more?

9th May 2006

10:00pm: yeah
so the sprouts are the greatest band ever. why? they have a song called wasted youth...and the lyrics are "i don't care about wasted youth".

you could probably sum up my life with those lyrics.

2nd May 2006

11:45am: FUCK!!!!
last nigt on my way home around 1:30 i got a speeding ticket. i was going 92mph. my dad says if my licnese isn't suspended he's going to take it away. i'm not worried about that...he can't. i obviously have to drive slow now for the rest of my life...whatever. i wonder how much the ticket is going to be...

fuck it.
Current Mood: pensive
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